Lou's Testimonials

“I’ve worked with Lou for years and it’s always a pleasure. She offers a variety of styles and is fast, fun, flexible and consistent. I like to let a voice talent take an initial run at the copy with minimal or even no direction at all — just to see what comes out. Lou gives me just what I’m looking for, so she needs very little tweaking for a perfect read. A professional all the way.” --- Jerry Filson, Charles Duff Advertising


“Lou has created some of my all-time favorite commercials --

I give her a plain :30 script, and she makes it come to life!” ---Laurie Schnebly, Mullen Advertising


“Lou brings to every project the highest professionalism and that makes my job easier. Lou is not only great to work with, but also very talented.”  ---Carissa VAnitzian, SRP


“Her versatility, directability and upbeat, cooperative attitude have made her the first person on my call-list”.  ---Kerry Cox,  LA Producer


“She can take any script and make it sound like a winner. That’s why we hire her.”

---Matt Wright, Sound Advice


“Lou’s rich vocal tone and straight-forward style are particularly suited to the audience we address”. ---Marsha McCoskrie, Hughes Aircraft Company


“The smile in Lou’s voice never fails to put a smile on the client's face, which puts an even bigger smile on my face!  -Lorie Sybizt, Southern California Gas Company


“Good Female voices are hard to find, but we managed to get lucky enough to find Lou.”

---Mark Eades, Walt Disney Imagineering


"I truly look forward to working with Lou.  She has a great range of voices and characters. She brings depth, variety and diversity to the table. When you hear Lou's voice, you stop and want to hear more."

---Amy McSheffrey, Chili Pepper Productions


"Lou's Voice Overs bring both versatility and warmth, giving technical subjects both human emotions and credibility.  Without getting in the way, Lou's voice lends authority and authenticity to a project.  And it's always a pleasure working with her." ---Paul Morgan,

Senior Producer, Northrup Grumman.